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Page updated 11/26/2007


12. Emergency Phone Numbers

Veterinary Information

Greyhounds have special medical needs, especially in relationship to anesthesia. The life of your greyhound depends on the competence of the veterinarian you select.

If a vet is not included on this list, please interview him/her prior to bringing your greyhound into that office.

Use the Adopting the Racing Greyhound book by Cynthia Branigan as your guide in regard to the safe agents used for anesthesia. Do not use a vet who does not have a lot of experience or knowledge about greyhounds, no matter how "nice" he/she may be. Be sure they treat many greyhounds in their practices, not just a few!

If you have any questions, you are always encouraged to contact the GPA office at (407) 332-4754

Veterinary Emergency Clinics

Human Poison Control

There is no charge. They will answer canine questions.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

There is a $50 charge per call.

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