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After 25 years, GPA/GO will no longer be receiving retired racing Greyhounds from the local track. That track has closed, and there are no more available racers. As of January 1, 2021, Greyhound racing is illegal in the state of Florida.

Our new role in the Greyhound Community is to remain an active local resource for any Greyhound in an emergency or otherwise dangerous/compromised situation. This Greyhound may have a physical condition or injury requiring care, be in a shelter, be lost or found, or be without an adopter, owner, or advocate. GPA/GO will  work cooperatively with other reputable Greyhound organizations* in the Central Florida area to provide a continuity of care for these endangered Greyhounds.

Inquiries are still welcome. Our email address (gpago@greyhoundpetsorlando.org) is unchanged, and our phone number is 321-303-9434.

Lost or found Greyhounds should be reported immediately to our number, day or night.

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*Contact Greyhound Ranch Adoptions, Inc. for Greyhounds available for adoption in the Orlando area.
(See below for available dogs.)

Gem, DOB 10/2018, very sweet petite little girl, very affectionate, needs an experienced Greyhound person, cat-friendly, ready to snuggle with her new owner.


Stannis, DOB 10/2018, very bubbly boy when he wants to be, very sensitive when he wants to be, do not recommend cats or small dogs in his home, sometimes a little bossy, looking for a caring person to show him a lot of affection.


Buzz, male, DOB 4/2019, very outgoing busy body but very affectionate, gets along well with other Greyhounds, loves being a little joker.


Valley, DOB 7/2018, very sensitive boy who needs a very gentle hand to guide him on the right path, leery of men, recommend highly an experienced Greyhound owner.


Joan, DOB 10/2017, very friendly & affectionate, set in her ways, alpha girl that wants to be the boss, okay with a male Greyhound but not other breeds or females.


Kami, DOB 2/2018, very outgoing & friendly, sometimes can be very silly, loves to get all the main attention, would love to get a couch to lay her head on.


Klondike, DOB 5/2019, brother to Kyle, loves to have fun all day long, loves playing with balls.


Kyle, DOB 5/2019, young, very friendly, very wild, wants to have loads of fun, loves to play with other Greyhounds, brother to Klondike.


Ladybug, DOB 7/2018, very caring & warm girl, very sensitive to certain people, prefer person that is low-key & gentle to the touch.


Ava, DOB 10/2017, sweet & beautiful, somewhat reserved, friendly on her own terms, loves to play with her buddy Nova (on our website), would make a wonderful companion for the right person.

We are posting this on behalf of another Greyhound group. If you can help with this fundraiser, please do. Any question about it should be directed to the emails listed in the post.

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For lost or found Greyhound - Call 321-303-9434 .

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