About Greyhounds

Are you looking for a nuzzler, cuddler, lover and a lifelong companion? If so, you might want to consider a retired racing Greyhound.


These ex-athletes that are bred for speed, health, intelligence, and social ability make excellent house pets. Because they have been in bustling kennels and a racing environment that requires extensive handling, they crave human company. As pet owners, we don't care about speed, but the breed's gentle, loving personality makes it a compatible family member for those with older children, cats and other dogs. But remember, no dog likes to be scared or tormented by small children.


Do you have a gender preference? There is no difference in the personality of the male or female Greyhound. From a size standpoint, males are one to two inches taller and ten pounds heavier. Most females are in the 55 to 65 pound range while males generally weigh between 65 and 75 pounds. The dogs stand 23 to 29 inches tall.


If you had to pick one word to characterize this ancient breed, it would be polite. It is eager to please, delights in your attention and prefers to be alongside you at all times. In essence, it's your shadow.


Because of being constantly handled and moved from one track to another, the Greyhound adapts readily to change - i.e. home life. However, everything in the home will be new - stairs, sliding patio doors, linoleum floors, and so forth - and some time will be required for adjustment.


The Greyhound is basically a quiet dog and will spend much of its time sleeping on a comfy dog bed or may even bid for part of the sofa, if allowed.


The Greyhound does very well on a leash and doesn't require a lot of exercise. Because it wants to be everyone's friend and seldom barks, it is not a good watch dog.


Short coated, it is a clean breed known for having no smell and shedding minimally. 


On the track, these dogs are fed raw beef and dry food. Vegetables (for iron) and corn oil (for coat maintenance) are also ingredients in most kennels' feeding programs. You should feed your pet Greyhound four to five cups a day of moistened quality dry dog food.


Greyhounds come in a wide array of colors, with various shades of brindle being most common. Grey, which is usually referred to as blue, is somewhat rare.  Our dogs typically range from two to five years old, and barring accident, will normally live to be twelve or more years old.