Austin Blake is a passionate greyhound dog lover and lifelong enthusiast. He has been involved in animal rescue and advocacy since childhood, where he developed a deep bond with the breed that has stuck with him ever since.

Austin volunteers at local animal shelters to help find loving homes for these gentle giants and donates to greyhound rescue organizations. He loves exploring nature trails with his pup and cherishing the special moments they share!

Austin believes everyone should experience the unconditional love and companionship a greyhound can bring into their lives.

Austin uses his platform to advocate for animal rights, spreading awareness for the mistreatment of animals and raising funds for animal shelters. He also hopes to inspire others to adopt a greyhound and give one of these majestic dogs the fantastic home they deserve!

Austin believes all animals deserve love, care, and respect—and he works hard to ensure everyone knows it. So if you ever need some greyhound love, you can always count on Austin Blake to help!

Caring for animals is an integral part of who Austin is, and he hopes his work will one day lead to a world where all animals are loved and respected.

He’ll be the first to tell you that rescuing an animal isn’t just about saving a life but about gaining a friend and family member for life.