Adoption Process

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept applications for local placements in the Greater Orlando area.

It is the policy of GPA/Greater Orlando to limit Greyhound adoptions to families with children no younger than 5 years of age.  Homes with children between the ages of 5 and 7 must have a fenced yard.

  • The decision to adopt a pet should be well thought out with all the pros and cons assessed and evaluated. There is much anticipation and excitement that comes with adoption. It is important that this eagerness does not cloud your judgement. A pet is a member of your family. They live in your world but you are the world to them. They need you to be there for every stage of their life. They are not objects that you return because you are tired of them, or they have become old or ill.

  • The Greyhound is a very old and unique breed. They are athletic, yet elegant. They are kind beyond measure, possess a very keen intellect, and want nothing more than to be your faithful companion and “couch potato.” There are aspects of the Greyhound that set them apart from other breeds.

  • Greyhounds do not need a lot of exercise. They are not jogging companions. A walk or a quick run in the backyard and they are ready to settle in for a nap. Being a sighthound, it is hard-wired into their brain to give chase. For this reason, they must never be off leash unless they are in a securely fenced in area. They cannot tolerate extreme temperatures (heat and cold) as their body fat is minimal and their skin is thin. Due to the thinness of their skin, certain products such as flea and tick shampoos, flea collars, and certain topical medications cannot be used on the Greyhound. The ingredients, many of which are toxic to the Greyhounds, absorb quickly and can result in neurological problems and in severe cases, death.

  • It is also important that you have a vet who is Greyhound savvy. Certain types of anesthesia are deadly for Greyhounds. The Greyhound has different blood values than any other dog. There are also certain Heartworm prevention medications that are not suitable for Greyhounds. A vet who knows Greyhounds will know what can and cannot be administered.

  • If you are seriously interested in adopting from GPA/GO, please call and set up an appointment. By doing this, we can give you our undivided attention. We will ask you plenty of questions. We are not being nosy, we are trying to assess how a Greyhound will fit into your lifestyle and routine. Some questions we will ask include – do you have a securely fenced yard, do you own or rent (renters need to supply a letter that dogs are permitted), what is your work schedule (how long will the dog be alone), do you have cats, dogs, or other pets, is your residence one or multiple stories, if you have children what are their ages (we do not adopt to families with children younger than 5 years).

  • At GPA/GO, we know our dogs, their personalities, if they are cat friendly and if they need to be an only pet. Based on the information you provide us, we will select a few dogs we think might be a good match and we will show them to you. We do not allow kennel browsing as seeing so many dogs is overwhelming and we strive for a custom fit between dog and family. If one of our Greyhounds should click with you, we will suggest you come back and spend some additional time with that dog.

  • Once you have chosen your “future couch potato,” we will have you fill out an application and set up a routine home visit. Again, we are not prying, we simply want to make sure your home and yard is adequately safe for your new addition. We may make suggestions about putting up some baby gates, making sure your yard is secure and other ideas about making the dog’s transition from kennel to home a smooth and as anxiety free as possible.

  • Once your home visit is complete and your new companion has been completely vetted (spayed, neutered, immunizations, and microchipped) a date for the adoption is set.

  • As part of the adoption fee you will be given a GPA tag collar, a martingale and a leash. You must provide an ID tag with the information provided to you at the home visit.

  • Below are some of our standard policies:

    • We do not adopt to anyone whose primary residence is an RV or similar type of structure.

    • Your Greyhound is adopted to you as a pet and shall never be used as a blood donor, laboratory research subject, or service dog.

    • It is your responsibility to keep your dog up-to-date on all vaccinations and heartworm prevention. If you move or change phone numbers, please keep GPA/GO updated.

    • If your Greyhound is stolen, lost or missing for whatever reason, contact GPA/GO immediately as well as your local animal control office and the police.

    • You may not sell or give your Greyhound away. If you can no longer care for your Grey, it must be returned to GPA/GO.

    • If you adopt a Greyhound who has had any medical issues or had had surgery to repair a broken leg, you will also be asked to sign a Medical Addendum stating that, if the need should arise, you will continue treatment at the specialty vet.

    • You will sign a binding contract at the time of the adoption which will outline in detail the policies listed above and what is expected of you. If, for some reason, you violate the contract GPA/GO has the right to initiate court proceeding on behalf of the safety and well-being of the Greyhound pet.

  • Our standards at GPA/GO are high and so is our success rate. We continuously strive to make sure every Greyhound entrusted to our care gets the best home filled with love, care and happiness. This is their retirement. This is their time to shine.

*Serious inquiries for adoption, please fill out the adoption application and CALL AHEAD FOR AN APPOINTMENT. Thank you!*

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept applications for local placements in the Greater Orlando area.