are italian greyhounds hypoallergenic

Is the Italian Greyhound Hypoallergenic? – Good News!

Italian Greyhounds are one of the most popular smaller breeds. These dogs have an endearing look and a fun personality.

As a dog that may seem near-perfect, you might wonder how close to perfection these dogs come, especially for allergy sufferers.

Are Italian Greyhounds hypoallergenic?

If you have allergies, the good news is that greyhounds are hypoallergenic. These dogs shed very little and are also not inclined to drool a lot, making the breed hypoallergenic.

Read on to learn more about the Italian Greyhound, the types of coats these dogs have, and how they help make them hypoallergenic.

What Are Some Important Facts About the Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds are Toy-sized dogs with a similar profile to larger-sized Greyhounds.

These dogs are graceful, sleek, and slender like their larger counterparts. Despite having a lot of muscle power packed into a small package, they are fast.

Although a breed enjoys a good gallop around the yard, these dogs will want to spend most of their time in the house.

The fact that these dogs are primarily non-shedding will relieve owners, considering the time spent indoors.

Many owners with multiple Italian Greyhounds report virtually no problems with dog hair in their homes.

These dogs hardly shed and are not significant droolers like some other breeds. One thing owners enjoy about these dogs is their desire to be clean.

How Do You Deal With Hair from an Italian Greyhound?

Although Italian Greyhounds generate very little hair compared to most other breeds, you will still need to consider cleaning up after these dogs a little.

The good news is that what you need to clean up after an IG requires little effort.

A vacuum with attachments designed for picking up pet hair makes things much more manageable.

Pet hair often sticks to the fabric on couches and chairs, which makes an attachment capable of picking up more OK bits of debris like hair more critical.

Although these dogs are very clean, “doggie odor” is typical for all dogs. The good news is that you can neutralize any odors from these dogs with room or furniture spray. There are sprays designed for pet odors that might prove especially useful.

Do Italian Greyhounds Tolerate Weather Changes Very Well?

Because Italian Greyhounds, also known as IGs or Iggies, are hypoallergenic, their coats don’t provide sufficient protection against weather extremes.

Extra protection is necessary when these dogs spend time outside in hot or cold weather.

The coat is short and thin enough to increase the risk of sunburn during hot weather.

Sunburn is painful for these dogs, but you can minimize the chances of your dog getting sunburn by applying sunscreen. Using dog-specific sunscreen is the safest option.

These dogs are more susceptible to skin cancer than many other breeds. Skin cancer in dogs is often very aggressive. Applying sunscreen will help minimize the risk of this disease.

You’ll want to ensure your dog wears a sweater during the cold weather. These dogs have a single thin coat without any undercoat. A sweater will help provide extra insulation against the cold.

How Much Coat Maintenance Do Italian Greyhounds Need?

Italian Greyhounds require less coat maintenance than other breeds, mainly because the coat grows differently than it would in a dog with a non-hypoallergenic coat. These dogs lack the more intense shedding seasons that some other dog breeds go through.

For the most part, you will only need a hound mitt to keep your dog’s coat in top shape.

These grooming tools are ideal for dogs with short, thin coats. Mitts also provide a “polishing’ effect that makes your dog’s coat look sleeker.

Does Anything, in Particular, Make Italian Greyhounds Hypoallergenic?

Most agree that Italian Greyhounds are hypoallergenic, but there is some debate about why these dogs are hypoallergenic.

The most common reason is that these dogs don’t produce much dander because of the short coat length. IGs drool less than some other breeds, keeping dander from spreading excessively.

There is a chance that some dogs are more hypoallergenic than others because of genetics.

For example, a dog with very hypoallergenic parents will be more likely to be hypoallergenic.

Another factor contributing to Iggies being hypoallergenic is the dogs living inside most of the time.

A dog that lives inside will be much cleaner than an outside dog. When a dog has a cleaner coat, she will produce less dander.

Is an Italian Greyhound Safe for Allergy Sufferers?

Although many Italian Greyhound owners have few or no allergies, some owners have severe problems. You might need extra steps if your IG aggravates your allergy symptoms, like extra cleaning.

These dogs enjoy snuggling up on their owners’ beds, but you may need to make your dog sleep in her bed if you have issues with your allergies. Giving your dog a wipe-down after being outside can minimize your allergy issues.

Using air filters for your heating and air conditioning system can help minimize your chances of allergy symptoms.

If you use air filters and replace them when necessary, there will be fewer pet dander around your home.

If you’re unsure how an IG might affect your allergies, you might consider fostering or sitting one of these dogs to see how your allergies are affected.

You’ll be able to avoid bringing a dog home, only to have to return her if she triggers your allergies.

Could Your Italian Greyhound’s Saliva Be an Issue?

Many are surprised to learn about dog saliva’s role in spreading dander. However, hope is not lost!

Dogs often lick their owners’ faces or hands to show affection. However, this loving gesture could aggravate things with your allergies if your dog has been licking her coat. If your dog licks a lot, a little bit of deterrence might be in order.

When your dog tries to lick, calmly say “No” while turning your face away or moving your hand.

After your dog has stopped trying to lick and focused her attention elsewhere, reward her with praise and a tasty treat.

What Steps Can You Take If You Have an Allergic Reaction?

Despite the hypoallergenic breed, a few unlikely owners may still have allergic reactions to their Italian Greyhounds.

You don’t need to worry about giving your dog up right away. There are a few things you can try to minimize your symptoms.

Bathing your dog once or twice a week can be a possible solution. Bathing reduces the amount of shedding even further.

Another advantage of bathing is reducing saliva buildup. The high-quality shampoo will help prevent her coat from drying out.

Air filtration machines on the market are said to be very effective for filtering out allergens. Many who use these machines say that they work as promised.

One of the good things about this option is that these machines are in many price ranges.

If all else fails, you might need to keep your bedroom dog-free. Iggies usually like to be with you as much as possible, even while sleeping.

Putting your dog’s bed in an area, she enjoys will help minimize the sting of being banned from the bedroom.

Italian Greyhounds are hypoallergenic but, like all dogs, may trigger allergies in some. The good news is that you can take steps to mitigate your allergy symptoms as much as possible.

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