Dentals without Anesthesia

By Joan Harris


Although I make an effort to brush the teeth of my Greys, most of them eventually need a dental done by a professional. I have been overly reluctant to have dentals done, like most Greyhound adopters, as I am so worried about the threat that anesthesia poses to my Greys. 


Someone gave me a good tip -- try an “awake dental," totally free of anesthesia. So I called Teresa Cardenas and she said these dentals are specifically geared for those dogs who are older, ill or immune compromised in some way, or are at a greater than average risk while under anesthesia.


Two of my girls, eleven year old Duchess and seven year old Chaluppa needed dentals and I had no intention of putting either under anesthesia just to get their teeth cleaned.


So, off to Teresa we went. Duchess was fairly squeamish about having her ears cleaned or nails clipped, so I was not expecting this to be an easy appointment. I was wrong. Teresa was on the floor with Duchess across her and Duchess just let her clean her teeth. I was totally amazed. The same reaction came from Chaluppa. Their mouths were clean and I was thrilled! 


Teresa has visited the GPA kennel and performed complimentary dentals on some of the older dogs.   She is a "greyt" supporter of GPA/GO!


Teresa’s phone number is 407-949-4938, her e-mail is, and her website is


Be sure to tell her you are with GPA!