Greyhound Pug Mix

Greyhound Pug Mix: A Unique Blend of Speed and Cuteness!

The Puggit, also known as the Greyhound Pug Mix, has recently gained popularity as a designer breed.

This charming crossbreed results from mating a Greyhound and a Pug, two breeds with very distinct traits. 

The Puggit is a small to medium-sized dog weighing between 10 and 40 pounds, depending on the parents’ size.

The Greyhound Pug Mix is distinguished by its unique appearance, which merges the long, slender body of a Greyhound with the wrinkled face and curly tail of a Pug. 

This eye-catching blend creates a genuinely unique and captivating look in these dogs.

Puggits possess a short, fine coat in various colors, including black, fawn, and brindle. 

Despite their relatively small stature, these dogs showcase impressive athleticism, inheriting the speed and agility of their Greyhound parent.

Physical Characteristics

The physical attributes of a Greyhound Pug mix may differ based on the stronger influence of either parent breed. 

Usually, these dogs possess small to medium-sized bodies and feature a short, smooth coats with different colors such as black, fawn, and brindle. 

They usually have a long, narrow snout like a Greyhound and a wrinkled forehead like a Pug.

Greyhound Pug mixes usually weigh between 20 to 40 pounds and stand at 10 to 25 inches. 

They have a slender build and long legs like a Greyhound but with a stockier body like a Pug. They also have a curly tail and large, expressive eyes.


Greyhound Pug mixes are known for their friendly and affectionate temperament. They are social dogs that enjoy being around people and other animals. Puggit is also intelligent and easy to train, making them great family pets.

This breed typically has a good temperament around children and other pets. However, it is crucial to provide them with early socialization and training to ensure harmonious interactions with others.

Greyhound Pug mixes are also known for their playful and energetic nature, but they can also be calm and relaxed indoors.

While Greyhound Pug mixes are generally healthy, they may inherit some health issues from their parent breeds. For example, they may be prone to dental problems, patellar luxation, or respiratory issues. 

It is critical to have regular check-ups with a veterinarian to ensure their health and well-being.

History of Greyhound Pug Mix

The Greyhound Pug Mix, also known as the Puggit, is a designer breed that emerged in the 1990s, resulting from the crossbreeding of a Pug and an Italian Greyhound. Its origin most likely traces back to the United States.

Designed to be a companion dog, the Puggit is recognized for its loving and friendly demeanor. It is a favorite among families with children and a suitable choice for smaller living spaces.

How to Care for Your Greyhound Pug Mix

Taking care of your Greyhound Pug Mix is essential to ensure they remain healthy, happy, and active. 


When it comes to grooming, Greyhound Pug Mixes are relatively easy to maintain. Puggit has a short, smooth coat that requires minimal grooming. A weekly brush with a soft brush will help keep their coat shiny and smooth. 

Bathing your Greyhound Pug Mix is only necessary when they become dirty or develops an odor.

You can clip their nails every six to eight weeks to keep them trimmed. You may also want to clean their ears regularly to prevent infections. 

Brushing their teeth is also essential to keep their teeth and gums healthy.


Greyhound Pug Mixes are energetic dogs that need regular exercise for well-being and happiness. A daily 45-minute walk is sufficient to maintain their activity level and engagement.

You can also break down their exercise into smaller portions throughout the day to prevent them from getting tired.

Playtime is also essential for your Greyhound Pug Mix. You can engage them in activities like fetch, tug-of-war, and hide-and-seek. These activities will help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.


Feeding your Greyhound Pug Mix a balanced diet is crucial to their health. 

Providing your Greyhound Pug Mix with high-quality dog food containing ample protein and essential nutrients is important. Additionally, you can enhance their diet by including fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is essential to monitor your Greyhound Pug Mix’s weight to ensure they are not overeating. You should always provide them with fresh water to keep them hydrated.

Common Health Issues in Greyhound Pug Mix

Greyhound Pug mixes, or Puggits, are known for their sweet nature and playful personality. 

However, they are prone to specific health issues that owners should be aware of. Regular health check-ups and preventative measures can help to manage these issues.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic disease that affects many dog breeds, including Puggits. It is a condition where the hip joint does not form properly, leading to discomfort and pain. 

Signs of hip dysplasia in Puggits may include challenges in standing up, limping, and unwillingness to move. 

Treatment options include medication, physical therapy, and surgery in severe cases. To help prevent hip dysplasia, owners should ensure their Puggit maintains a healthy weight, avoids jumping from high places, and gets regular exercise.

Eye Problems

Puggits can be prone to eye conditions like dry eye and cataracts. A dry eye happens when the eyes don’t produce enough tears, leading to discomfort, redness, and even corneal ulcers.

Cataracts cause the eye’s lens to become a cloudy, which may result in vision impairment.

Owners must check their Puggit’s eyes for signs of redness, discharge, or cloudiness. Regular vet check-ups for eye examinations can aid in the early detection of issues, and treatments may involve medication or surgery.

Heart Disease

Puggits are also prone to heart disease, specifically dilated cardiomyopathy. This condition results in an enlarged and weakened heart, causing symptoms like coughing, labored breathing, and fatigue.

Owners can help prevent heart disease by ensuring their Puggit maintains a healthy weight, gets regular exercise, and eats a balanced diet. Treatment options may include medication and lifestyle changes.

While Puggits are generally healthy dogs, owners should be aware of these common health issues and take preventative measures to ensure their furry friend stays happy and healthy.

Training Your Greyhound Pug Mix

While training your Greyhound Pug Mix, it’s vital to maintain consistency and demonstrate patience. 

Puggits can occasionally exhibit stubbornness, so establishing yourself as the pack leader from the outset is crucial.

Here are some tips for training your Greyhound Pug Mix:

Basic Commands

Teaching your Greyhound Pug Mix basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel is essential. 

Begin by teaching one command at a time and employ positive reinforcement methods like treats and praise to encourage desirable behavior. 

Maintaining consistency is vital from everyone in the household uses the same commands and rewards.

Potty Training

Potty training a Greyhound Pug Mix may be challenging, but it is achievable with patience and consistency. Begin by setting up a routine and taking your dog outside regularly during the day. 

Be prepared for accidents, clean up messes, and persist with the established routine. Utilize a specific potty area and reward your dog with treats and praise when they use the designated spot.


Socialization is crucial for all breeds, particularly for Greyhound Pug Mixes. Expose your dog to various people, animals, and surroundings from an early age to foster the development of strong social skills. Bring them to dog parks, acquaint them with other dogs, and reinforce positive behavior using treats and praise.


The Greyhound Pug mix is a distinctive and charming designer dog known for its friendly nature and lively personality. However, they also experience various health issues that potential owners should consider before adopting.

For the Greyhound Pug mix, a 45-minute daily exercise routine is sufficient. It’s recommended to divide it into smaller sessions to prevent exhaustion.

The Puggit is an excellent pet for busy individuals and apartment dwellers. Having another dog in the home is a good idea to keep them company and prevent loneliness. Providing ample love and attention is vital for their well-being.

In summary, the Greyhound Pug mix may have some health concerns, but they are a loving and playful companion that can bring happiness to any home. 

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