Sponsor a Kennel Kutie

Not everyone can adopt a Greyhound, but everyone can help!

Please consider sponsoring a Greyhound in our adoption kennel. A monthly donation that supports a Greyhound in the adoption kennel is $12.00 / month.  (This is a tax deductable donation.)   

Your name will appear on the list of Available Greys with "your" Greyhound.  (If you would like to sponsor a specific Greyhound or Greyhounds, please send us an email when you sign up for your sponsorship.)

You can subscribe to sponsor a Greyhound using PayPal, or print the Sponsorship Form and mail or fax it to us. 

A sponsorship is a recurring monthly donation that will sponsor a Greyhound for as long as you like.  You can cancel this anytime - through Pay Pal or by sending us an email.

Download and print the Sponsorship Form

Thank you!

Or Use Pay Pal - Start Sponsoring Right Now