How Fast Can a Borzoi Run

How Fast Can a Borzoi Run? Find Out the Mind-Blowing Speed of This Unique Breed!

The Borzoi is a breed of dog known for its speed and agility for centuries. With its long, slender body and graceful movements, the Borzoi is often compared to Greyhounds and other fast-running breeds. But just how fast can a Borzoi run?

Borzoi speed, which can reach up to 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour), ranks them among the fastest dog breeds worldwide. This exceptional velocity makes them formidable opponents in racing and other sports events.

Remember that the speed and agility of individual Borzois can differ based on factors like age, health, and training.

Despite its impressive speed, the Borzoi is not just a racing dog. It is also known for its beauty, intelligence, and loyalty and is an excellent companion for those who appreciate its unique qualities. 

Whether you’re a fan of dog racing or admire Borzoi’s elegance and grace, there’s no denying that this breed is one of the most fascinating and beloved dogs in the world today.

How Fast Can the Borzoi Run?

The Borzoi is a breed of dog known for its impressive speed and agility. According to the American Kennel Club FAST CAT Invitational, the all-time fastest Borzoi has a running speed of 38.60 mph (62.12 km/h), while the slowest speed is 16.91 mph (27.21 km/h). 

On average, the male Borzoi can run at 28.5 mph (45.9 km/h), while the female Borzoi can run at 28.2 mph (45.4 km/h).

Compared to other dog breeds, the Borzoi ranks number two out of 247 in running speed. The Borzoi’s speed is not surprising, given its ancestry. 

The Russian nobility used the breed’s ancestors for hunting wolves and hares. The Borzoi’s speed and agility were essential for catching these fast-moving prey.

The Borzoi’s running speed results from its long, lean body and powerful muscles. The breed’s long legs and deep chest allow maximum speed and endurance. 

The Borzoi’s silky coat is also designed to streamline its body and reduce wind resistance, enhancing its speed.

It’s crucial to recognize that although the Borzoi excels in speed, allowing them to run off-leash in unprotected areas is not a good idea. The breed has a high prey drive, which can lead them to chase smaller animals and possibly put them in dangerous situations.

Training and socializing the Borzoi from a young age is essential to ensure they are well-behaved and can be trusted off-leash in safe environments.

Borzoi Running Ability


Borzois are famous for being very fast. The American Kennel Club’s FAST CAT program says the quickest Borzoi ran at 38.6 miles per hour (62.1 km per hour). Borzois are one of the fastest dogs in the world. People often compare Borzois to Greyhounds and other fast dogs for their speed and agility.


Not only are Borzois fast, but they also have fantastic endurance. They were first bred to be hunting dogs that could chase prey for a long time. This means they have lots of energy and can keep up their speed for a while. Through appropriate training and regular exercise, Borzois have the potential to excel as outstanding companions for long-distance running.

Prey Drive

Borzois have a strong prey drive, which makes them excellent hunting dogs. They were initially bred to hunt hares and foxes in Russia, and their speed and agility made them well-suited to this task. 

However, this prey drive can also make them challenging to train and control in certain situations. Borzoi owners must provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep their dogs happy and well-behaved.

Overall, Borzois are an incredibly athletic and impressive breed with a lot of natural running ability. Whether you’re looking for a running partner, a hunting dog, or a loyal companion, a Borzoi can be a great choice. 

Borzoi Exercise Requirements

Activity Level

Borzois are renowned for their elegance and grace, making them an eye-catching breed. However, it’s essential to know they also have high energy levels. Providing ample exercise is necessary to maintain their happiness and well-being.

To keep your energetic Borzoi content and in good health, dedicate at least one hour daily to physical activities. This will help them expend their excess energy and prevent boredom from setting in.

These dogs are great running partners, as they can easily keep pace with their owners during jogs or fast walks. They also like playing games like fetch and other activities that involve running and chasing.

Remember that Borzois have a strong hunting instinct, which means they might chase after small animals like rabbits. So, keeping Borzois on a leash or in a securely fenced area is essential.


Borzoi dogs are intelligent and ready to make you happy, but their independent nature can challenge training. To ensure they grow up well-mannered and obedient, starting socializing and training them early and consistently is essential.

Borzoi dogs respond well to positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise but may become bored with repetitive training exercises. Keeping training sessions short and engaging is essential to keep these dogs interested and motivated.

Borzoi dogs need physical exercise and brain games to stay happy and well-behaved. Toys that make them think, fun games and learning commands can keep their minds sharp and help them learn how to solve problems.

If Borzoi dogs are correctly cared for, they can be wonderful pets for those who enjoy leading an active lifestyle. These dogs have lots of energy, are great athletes, and are very clever. They need a lot of activities and learning to be at their best.

Can You Run with a Borzoi?

Borzois are known for their impressive speed and agility, and many wonders if they can keep up with these athletic dogs on the run. The answer is it depends.

While Borzois can run at high speeds for long distances, it’s important to remember that they are sight hounds and may be easily distracted by prey or other stimuli. Additionally, Borzois tend to be independent thinkers and may not always follow commands, making running with them challenging.

Running together can be an excellent way to connect and stay fit if you’re a seasoned runner with a well-trained Borzoi. But taking specific precautions is crucial to guarantee your and your dog’s safety.

Here are some tips for running with a Borzoi:

  1. Start slow: If your Borzoi isn’t used to running, begin with short, slow runs. Gradually increase distance and speed over time.
  2. Use a leash: Keep your Borzoi on a leash while running, even if they’re well-trained. This prevents them from chasing prey or getting into dangerous situations.
  3. Keep hydrated: Borzois are prone to overheating, so ry enough water for you and your dog while running.
  4. Watch for signs of fatigue: Borzois have good endurance but can get tired. Look for signs like heavy panting, slowing down, or lagging, and take breaks when needed.

In conclusion, running with your Borzoi can be an enjoyable activity for both of you. Ensure you follow these precautions and stay attentive to your dog’s needs and boundaries.

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